Zoach Trivia

Uniquely blending music and trivia



Sometimes you like to know what you're getting yourself into before it starts.

Trivia is suppose to be fun and easy.  

To accomplish this for our shows, you only have to write down your answer with your team name (paper provided), and turn the answer sheet in before the song ends. 

You never lose points for incorrect answers, you only gain points when your team answers correctly.

The host has discretion to award points based on how close to the answer you are, and if you provided something hilarious.

Teams will be asked to sign-up before the questions begin, but it's never too late to join. You will be provided everything you need.  In addition to the answer sheets, you will receive a Companion Sheet. You will use this to keep track of your score, what questions you answered correctly, categories for each round, Name That Number, and a Final Question option. 

Name That Number is the similar to a "closest to the pin" contest. Teams will be will be asked to guess at a number, top 50% of teams closest to that actual answer will be announced and receive points.

On the Final Question, your team will be able to bet some, none, or all of the points they have earned. This is the only question your team can lose points. You must answer the Final Question correct to gain the points wagered, any part incorrect you will lose the points wagered.

After all the glorious questions, the podium finishers will be announced to the green-eyed losers in the room, praise will rain down from the crowds gathered, your names etched for time immemorial and for generations to seek inspiration.... or the prizes will be handed out. 

See you at Trivia Night!